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Wed, Apr. 11th, 2012, 05:29 pm
freetobeme18: Art Community

Hello, I am looking to meet other artists and/or crafters and involve myself more in the larger Boston-area arts and crafts community, the Somerville/Cambridge art community in particular (I live in between Porter and Davis).  Does anyone have any advice for meeting artists/crafters and becoming a part of the local arts and crafts scene, besides taking classes at AIB?  I take them when I can but I'm only a minor (major in Child Development at Lesley ALD) and it's quite a commute from Somerville, so being socially involved can be hard.  I do want to join BIRD, though.  I just had been getting the emails after the meeting had already happened for awhile.  x.x  For the record my main art form is mixed media and collage, though I also do photography, drawing, painting, jewelry, and a variety of crafts.  I'm interested in meeting any kind of artist though, possibly holding a studio night at my apartment so I can have people to make art alongside and creatively inspire one another.