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Mon, Jul. 31st, 2006, 06:08 pm
kyorei: AIB randomness

So a pretty random question for commuting to AIB.

What do you guys do? I'm not that conveniantly near a T and will be living out in Malden and commuting by public transportation will take around 90 minutes or more a day.

Is there anywhere to park near the campus? I know they have paymeters in front but that's not too economical. Also I may be having to drive my roomate to his job on some days so I'd have my car with me and need a place anyways!

Thanks guys.

Tue, Aug. 1st, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)

that's not too economical

heh. welcome to boston.

i don't think i knew anyone that used a garage while i was at aib...it was meters or the train. i did know people that took the commuter rail in every day and yeah, it totally sucks but that's what they did. in the end it saves you money and the headache of working around finding a new parking spot every 2 hours, saving quarters like they're gold, and the hell that is red sox games. [not that the T is awesome during games, but i can't imagine trying to park somewhere here]

most people that drive in do so because they can then go back home after a class, and live nearby, i.e. they typically don't leave their car here all day. just don't expect there to be an option that's both time saving -and- economical, with boston you basically have to pick one :(

and, i actually live about five miles from where i work now, and it takes me about 90 minutes to get home every night on the T, how's that for awesome. i'm moving onto the redline this weekend, actually *further away* from my job, but it will take me about half the time to get to and from, hence the miracle that is the mbta :P

good luck!

Tue, Aug. 1st, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)

Heh thanks on the good luck, I think I'll need it!
Yeah we wanted to live closer into the city but my bf/roomate can't afford it so we're out by his 'rents! I think I'm too used to going to school at Amherst and TN because I lived so close I could walk to class. =/